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Are you a tenacious triathlete

with the drive to be the best you can be?

Do you stuggle to overcome challenges of...


improving your run and bike speed despite more miles?


Finding your technique in water and on the road lacking, despite efforts to correct these?'


finding your training isn't giving you power when you need, on feet or in the saddle


having had injuries which prevent you from pushing as hard as you'd like

The answer...

Strength & conditioning training

The 4th discipline of triathlon training
Weight lifting traing
Have you realised there are a rapidly growing number of triathletes, across the world utilising training outside of the normal 3 disciples of triathlon training (3D’s), notably strength and conditioning training?

In fact, until now despite it being scientifically supported and used by leading triathlon organisations and their athletes, it remains a hugely under-utilised tool in the vast majority of triathletes like yourself.

Doubts over what to do, is it safe, how it works and how to fit it into your schedule has been the main cause for this, and if I was you, I would be the same.
unlock your
True potential...

and achieve...

Tri-tenacious swimming
Tri-tenacious cycling
Tri-tenacious weight lifting
Tri-tenacious running

How to Overcome Challenges & Effectively

Train for the 4th discipline

Dave Cripps provides insight in the core fundamentals of strength & conditioning training for the tenacious triathlete

"Triathletes who are stronger in the right places, create more power"

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