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The problem

80% of triathletes surveyed felt they could achieve greater improvements

These triathletes suffered from...


Lacking power on the bike for hills and big gears


Unable to hold faster running speeds over distance


Struggling to get their body in more optimal swim positions and..


Niggling injuries reducing training quality and consistency

The challenge

Supplementing strength & conditioning training effectively

Although strength and conditioning is a scientifically proven concept to achieve greater levels of triathlon performance, the problem lies within the following process..
Weight lifting traing

The root of the problem

Very few professional strength and conditioning coaches who specialise in triathlon with the qualifications and experience you can trust

Weight lifting traing

The knock on impact

This has made it impractical tool for many due to travel and the fact there is no quality, online coaching support for this.
Plus this means you don’t realise that you can see performance gains with only a little training time per week AND using training performed at home or a gym.

Weight lifting traing

The undesired result

Leaving you to follow general, unspecific, sub optimal regimes from coaches or trainers not qualified or experienced in this, and it doesn’t work.

The answer

The TriTenacious Training Platform...

Gives you all the superb benefits of triathlon S&C, with none of the problems. Giving you access to our acclaimed expertise as strength and conditioning coaches, in a practical, valuable way to supplement your triathlon training, to achieve greater speed, power and endurance

Our very own custom app so everything you need sits in one easy to access app. Can be used anywhere, anytime to suit your schedule.

Triathlon specific training programme 100% tailored to the needs and goals, not a general S&C programme.

Using an optimised approach specific to triathlon means time is no longer a barrier, while ensuring exercises used can be performed whether at a regular gym or home (specific details in the FAQ section below).
Using an optimised approach specific to triathlon means your weekly S&C can be done in less than an hour in 2 bitesize chunks, whenever you want around your training, and performed at home with no equipment, or at a fully functioning gym.

Professional, full time S&C coaching experience over 15 years, multiple degrees in sport science and accredited S&C coaching. Not just personal trainers or triathlon coaches who have done an S&C course.

Via a monthly mastermind webinar and training article, plus the chance to send us videos of your S&C to give you technical feedback for optimal progress and confidence, this can be more than just a programme.

To identify an injury you would go to a physio (not a triathlon coach) as the former is qualified to do this. In the same way, unlike triathlon coaches we posses the specific qualifications, experience and skills to give as professional S&C coaches, to give you the most superior and efficient training of this type to achieve greater results as a triathlete.

An intuitive and easy to use app

See for yourself
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Frequently asked questions

The platform is suitable in 3 scenarios;

  • those without any gym equipment wanting to train at home

  • those with home gym equipment

  • those with access to a gym

The one strength programme we have is for those with access to equipment or a gym. And then the other is for those without any of this, and uses bodyweight exercises. Ultimately equipment does not have to be a barrier for you benefiting as a triathlete from S&C.

You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription with us at any time. However, we are always very honest and transparent in saying as with any training, consistency and a commitment is important to achieve results.

Absolutely, the specificity to suit your ability is tailored by you adjusting the resistance/load you use to your exact ability.

Equally as the demands of triathlon from a strength and conditioning perspective remain similar despite ability or event length, the triathlete training platform is suitable for all abilities and course lengths.

If you currently have an injury that is not enabling you to train, we advise first getting ‘in person’ professional advice from a medical professional (e.g. physio).
However, if you only have minor niggles which are not limiting your ability to train in your swim, bike and run at your desired intensity, volume and frequency (e.g. stiff back, shoulder ache) then there is no reason why you should not start with us. However any uncertainties, always consult a medical professional.
Our training programme is developed to consider common injury and niggles many of us can have, however we cannot be liable for any injuries. You take total responsibility for training and specifically the execution of this, and we cannot be responsible for how you execute both training with us and other elements of your triathlon training.

As with any physical quality like aerobic fitness, strength and power need to be consistently trained each week.
If you stop, your body will detrain and the benefits lost. So exactly like with your swim, bike and run training, our support and the programme continue with no definitive end period.


How our platform stacks up

TTIn person PTOnline triathlon coaching
Cost per month£24.99/ $33.99£260/ $346+£90/ $119
S&C qualifications and experienceYesMaybeNo
Triathlete S&C expertiseYesMaybeNo
PracticalityVery high – app based, when you want to do itModerate to poor – likely need to travel significantly for suitable coachModerate – likely not app based, no bespoke videos and coaching guidance for S&C
Likeliness of providing you with a solution to successfully achieve your goalsAbsoluteUncertainNot likely
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